Your Ideal Life


Our Ideal Life strategy lays the foundation for determining what it is you actually want to achieve in life, both professionally and personally. Taking time to go through this exercise, on your own or with us as a guide, will add clarity and meaning to your life, which will make decision-making easier.

A wise man once said, once you understand the WHY, the HOW gets easier.

It is interesting to me that people who are great at helping others plan and live their ideal life, struggle when it comes to managing their own expectations. I am not sure why this is.  I have had clients tell me they don’t feel like they deserve their ideal life. Others who have said “I never ask for anything for myself, I just want to work hard and provide for my family” or “that won’t work for me.”

In truth, these people are already creating their own life, ideal or not. They do it every day without paying much attention to it.

It may sound trite, but it is true that creating your ideal life is no different than planning a vacation.

When you are going on vacation, you start with a list of possible sites, do some research, educate yourself about the food, accommodations, sites, beaches, costs, etc. and when you have a good idea of where you want to go, you start to fill in the necessary details to achieve the ideal vacation.

Creating your ideal life is the same process. You have many options about how your life looks. And only you can identify what is important to you. As I said, your life now is your creation. You decide where you work, what you eat, how you feel. And any of that can be changed to your liking.

Here’s an idea. Let’s start small.

Pick a big topic in your life. It could be family, occupation, recreation, spirituality, or any other area you would like to think about. You don’t have to finish this all at once. Start with one thing that is important to you and then write down how it looks now and how would it be different in an ideal life.

Here is an example. You are probably working. What does your job or profession look like now? How would you like it to look? Are you getting enough time off? Are you working with the type of client you love working with? Are you making the kind of money you would like to make? Is the work interesting. Are you always stuck in the weeds? How about your staff? Are they fully empowered by you to help you achieve your ideal life? If the answers to any of these questions are not to your liking, describe how things would be different in your ideal life. Make it fun. Dream big. There is no penalty box for this.

Once done, you can start to execute the details. Create a plan on how you are going to make changes. Ask yourself, what do you need to achieve in order to make the change? What resources? What time frame will you set to accomplish the change you desire to achieve?

This can be done by anyone. In a shameless plug, it is easier done with a coach. But it is totally doable on your own.

Once you set your goals and layout your plan, set up a system to monitor to make sure you stay on track and even better, to tweak your ideal life as you start to achieve it. There is no need to have an end on this process. It can and should be a lifelong pursuit.

As one of my mentors said to me, it’s that important, it’s your life.