Testimonials for Scott

“I’ve never had a coach before and I’ve been by traditional measures, very successful.  BUT, something was missing.  Some of the usual suspects: wanting more ideal clients, scaling, etc. At my firm we’re changing the way people divorce.  Scott, with Pareto Systems, has been instrumental in coaching me through how to focus on attracting just those ideal clients, putting processes in place to support scale and most importantly Scott has listened, encouraged, and nudged my business to a level I just hadn’t been able to climb to on my own.  Scott is methodical and patient with a healthy sense of humor which makes having difficult conversations about my business so much easier.  I’m jazzed about the future of my firm again.  Gross revenue growth year over year for the same period 7/1 – 12/1 = 52%.  Not bad!” – Bonnie A. Sewell, American Capital Planning

“Our weekly meeting with Scott is one of the most valuable hours of our week. He is helping us to take our business to the next level more efficiently than we could ever do on our own. Through his astute questions, insights and calls to action, we are amazed at the progress we’ve made in a relatively short time period. We trust Scott explicitly. – Walden Wealth Advisors

Of the many impacts Scott has had on my practice in the short time he has worked with me, nothing was more important than visualizing and setting goals towards my ideal life and ideal practice.I always worked hard with my head down, and although I was growing my practice it was not the practice I really wanted and would not have been sustainable to create the life I want.With Scott’s help I was able to be very specific as to what my future looks like, and make sure all my future decisions are in line with my desired outcomes.Scott has the unique ability to promote accountability without being forceful or authoritative. His approach is relaxed and comfortable yet direct.I have found each of our conversations to be meaningful, productive and enjoyable. We have a lot laughs along the way. Also, his use of a very thorough, structured system is easy to use and implement without having to recreate the wheel.We have accomplished a lot of significant, positive change in my practice in a short period of time, and the tools he has integrated has made it easy to do so. – Adam Paoli, Coltiva Wealth

Testimonials for the Pareto System

I have to say that the Pareto System is the most practical and useful coaching program I have seen or experienced. In particular, the concept of systematizing client and office processes to insure a consistent world class experience is very powerful. It’s an idea that’s intuitive but much more easily said than done. I think you have made “doing it” as easy as it’s going to get! Thanks again. – G.Gasber

We are very pleased with the implementation of The Pareto System. Although we have not finished the program we are impressed with the ability to thoroughly systematize our business and to enable us to focus on our top clients to improve service and delivery and put into place a low-key system to increase client referrals. – The Burness Investment Team

I wholeheartedly recommend The Pareto System to anyone who seeks to improve their business and position themselves as the advisor of choice. The Pareto System helped me get results by systematically taking my practice apart and putting it back together in a way that created, and will continue to create, raving fans. Furthermore, I have been able to systematize my practice, which has created more time for me and my family. The service provided was excellent. The program is of great value and was totally worth my investment. – D.Greco, Investors Group