Our Process


Introduction Call

An opportunity for us to learn more about your needs and to introduce you to our process. This call is also designed to be a preliminary fit/alignment call.

Business Evaluation Process/Gap Analysis

This is a multi-step process designed to help you go deep on your business to identify gaps that may be holding you back from greater success.

We will “pop-the-hood” to uncover untapped opportunities and overlooked vulnerabilities in your business. This powerful and proven approach has been developed and refined through years of applying this diagnostic process with some of the most effective people in the business.

The Business Evaluation Process will ultimately reveal to you exactly what you need to do to unlock the pathway to the Next Level, in the following areas:

Client Acquisition

Determine what is undermining your refer-ability so you can fast-track clients and strategic partners to advocate status.

Professionalizing Your Business

Understand where to refine your client experience and service process so that you can competitor-proof clients and create a consistent and valuable business.

Your Branding Strategy

Learn how you are perceived and described so that you can articulate your value ensuring that you stand out from the pack.

Gaps and Oversights

You may be in the red zone, on the verge of a breakthrough. Let an outside set of eyes help demystify what gaps exist that are undermining you.

Steps in this process include:

Important: No decisions about moving forward will be made in this Critical Path Call. We know you will want to reflect on the process and determine whether you think we are a good fit for you. We will also want to take the opportunity to make our own determination about fit. We use the Fit/Alignment Call for that purpose.

Fit/Alignment Call

The Business Evaluation Process is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and to determine if there is a good alignment and fit for the strategies and processes we offer in our coaching program.

To that end, we will schedule a call 48 hours after our Critical Path Call to report back to you whether we feel there is a good fit and alignment. Likewise, we would like you to reflect on and determine whether you think we are an excellent choice for helping you to meet your goals and objectives.

We know that not everyone is a good fit for our services. We know that time is more valuable than money and as such, is our most precious commodity. That drives our business philosophy.

We are not trying to be all things to all people.

We want to be all things to some people.

These people are the ones we consider to be our ideal clients.

Our ideal clients are creative, fun and smart. They are interested in making a difference. They are hard-working, committed, and willing to invest to be better. They are interested in the world and see a bigger vision for their own future. They seek out and take advice that will lead them to build a bigger and better life for themselves, their families, their business and their community. And when they have a friend or colleague who is struggling, they feel obligated to introduce them to our firm. They are advocates for the work we do.

Program Design and Coaching

If there is a good fit between us, we will move forward with program design and coaching.

The coaching program is process based and designed to meet your specific goals.

Our Pareto Systems based coaching involves weekly calls and homework between calls.