Our Ideal Clients


At InKnowVision, we believe that there are certain clients we are meant to serve, and others, not so much. We are not trying to be all things to all people. We are trying to be all things to some people.

This is the key philosophical principle behind what we call the “Red Velvet Rope” policy.

​The “Red Velvet Rope” policy is designed to let our ideal clients know that they are special to us.

​Best-selling author, Michael Port describes the red velvet rope policy by asking you to imagine that a friend has invited you to accompany them to an invitation-only special event. You arrive and approach the door, surprised to find a red velvet rope stretched between two shiny brass poles. A nicely dressed man asks your name and checks his invitation list. Of course, this gives you a moment of hesitation. Will I get in you wonder?

Then the attendant finds your name, flashes a wide grin and drops one end of the rope, allowing you to pass through and enter the party. How do you feel? You feel like a star.

​That is how we want all of our clients to feel.

​Our red velvet rope allows in only our most ideal clients.

​Is this meant to be exclusive? Absolutely. We only want to work with people who energize and inspire us. Why would we want to do otherwise? (Why would you want to do otherwise?)

​So, who passes by our red velvet rope at InKnowVision?

​Our ideal clients are successful financial advisors, looking to be even better.

They are creative, fun and smart. They are interested in making a difference. They are hard-working, committed, and willing to invest to be better. They are interested in the world and see a bigger vision for their own future. They seek out and take advice that will lead them to build a bigger and better life for themselves, their families, their business and their community.

If this is who you are, we would love the chance to work with you.