Group Coaching


An on-going coaching/consulting program from Pareto Systems to enable you to:

• Achieve consistent client acquisition
• Deploy Enterprise value
• Restore liberation and order to your life

You don’t grow out of our philosophy or our process. You grow into it.

INVESTMENT: $500 Initiation Fee, plus ongoing monthly retainer of $500 (one-year commitment, open- ended thereafter)


A dedicated practice management consultant – Pareto Certified Coach Scott Hamilton will serve as an accountability partner for you and your peers as you work through our core linked and sequential implementation process.

Bi-weekly coaching/consulting calls. All calls are video conference calls and will be recorded and stored on Pareto Academy Website for use by the group.

Gap Analysis Questionnaire – To help you put your business to paper; to uncover untapped opportunities and overlooked vulnerabilities in your business. This process will help your consultant understand your business and the gaps to unlock the pathway to success.

Best Practices Playbook – Pareto Systems will provide strategic input on practice management and relationship management solutions to create a scalable and predictable playbook. An excellent tool for documenting process in your business.

Peer Group Collaboration – Sometimes the best learning comes from our peers. Calls will be structured to facilitate contribution and group problem solving, allowing us to bring the “wisdom of the crowds” to life.

Pareto Academy Implementation Dashboard – This program is supported and made actionable by the Pareto Academy, which is an online virtual coaching application that contains additional step-by-step resources and actionable, proven tools for implementing the strategies in each module. Resources include videos, articles, scripts, and templates.

Ongoing Access to Mastermind Sessions – Periodic, small group sessions led by Pareto founder Duncan MacPherson that allow you to dive deeply into front line issues facing successful financial professionals today.

First-in-line access – Clients receive a first look at new content, updated resources and processes, and exclusive content.