The Top 10 Benefits You Can Expect From Our Coaching Process

What you achieve and who you become is all by design.

The investment of time and money in a coaching program should lead to predictable, measurable and sustainable results. And while many coaching programs provide similar advice, the key distinction is in implementation. Rather than receive motivational pep-talks and fire-side chats that have the lasting value of a Red Bull, a process must be applied to ensure that gaps are addressed in a customized manner. We are a leader in custom coaching because of our time-tested approach to developing and refining proven strategies within an actionable process.

The D3 Approach is Our Framework:

Discovery– The first step is to perform our Business Evaluation Process, a fully panoramic and diagnostic Gap Analysis to get clarity on your untapped opportunities, unaddressed issues and overlooked vulnerabilities that could be undermining you. This is an incredibly revealing process that highlights key performance indicators and makes getting to the next level predictable.

Design – One size does not fit all and there cannot be square pegs put into round holes. Every business is unique and every vision for the future is very personal. Beginning with the proverbial end in mind ensures that the trajectory is sound and that actions taken are built on the existing foundation. This also ensures that the outcome isn’t anticlimactic. Success is by design, not by chance. It’s not about being at the mercy of the wind but rather the set of the sails.

Deploy– Compounding is a subtle yet powerful force. We have developed and refined our proprietary processto ensure that every investment of effort builds on previous actions to create momentum and inertia. Following the critical path laid out in the Design process, we can deploy our best practices with certainty.

  1. A Professional Branding Strategy

Do your clients fully understand and appreciate your value? Are they aware of all that you can do for them over the lifetime of the relationship as their life unfolds and needs evolve? Can they articulate your value to someone else in a compelling way? Does a prospective client fixate on your products, pricing and performance or do they buy-into your philosophy, planning approach and process? All of these and many more issues get put into place with a branding strategy to ensure you stand out from the pack rather than swim in a pool of commoditized sameness.

  1. Stop Trying to Find New Clients. Be Found!

Sales people have to chase new clients, consultants attract them. An approach rooted in outbound salesmanship achieves sporadic client acquisition. A process rooted in professional stewardship creates advocacy and consistent, quality inbound client acquisition. Our Fast-track to Referral Process and our Narrowcasting Target Marketing Approach are professional and time tested.

  1. Competitor Proofing

“I just lost a 7 million dollar client and I never saw it coming!” We never hear this from our clients because they deploy a process that counters the Law of Familiarity. As relationships unfold, your clients can take you for granted or lose sight of your value. They are then susceptible to someone else coming along telling a fresher and more compelling story and then luring your client away.

  1. Full Empowerment.

There is a big distinction between a customer and a fully empowering client. Our process to future pace a client relationship so that they never pigeon hole you into simply associating your value to the service you have provided to this point in the relationship. This ensures you always capture money in motion and position your value as service so that you attract this business rather than have to chase it. Your clients will respond by saying, “Finally, I now truly understand all that you can do for us.”

  1. Restoring Liberation and Order

Are you running the business or does it run you? By deploying a play book consisting of actionable best practices, you have a business that runs like a Swiss watch and provides a consistent client experience. Your business is supposed to serve your life, not the other way around. When you and your team get everything out of your heads and documented, you make yourself obsolete so that your business hums along regardless of whether or not you are in the office.

  1. Unwavering Consistency

Your Prospective Client Fit Process, New Client On-boarding Process, Client to Advocate Review Process and On-going Service Process are just of the few core deliverables that you must execute consistently. People crave consistency – it is the foundation of trust, loyalty and advocacy. It’s actually a double win. In the process, you develop proprietary intellectual properties and assets that amplify the value of your business.

  1. Be Positioned for Anything!

Who knows what the future holds for you. Perhaps you want to acquire another business and multiply the value of that new asset. Perhaps you want to sell all or a portion of your business and maximize the exit. Perhaps you want to bring on a protégé, take more time off or simply not be at the mercy of unforeseen forces out of your control. Throughout our many years working with some of the best people in the business, we’ve heard just about every aspiration imaginable. We’ve assimilated those interactions to provide insights and strategies that ensure you the architect of a very positive reality.

  1. Never Plateau!

We’ve seen all the factors that undermine someone’s ability to achieve a breakthrough. Most plateaus are self-imposed. Whether it’s right-sizing to enable you to allocate more time and effort to the clients you are trying to replicate, to shifting away from inefficient marketing strategies that ensure you are trading your time for money rather than building lasting traction, our approach will ensure limitless growth for your business.

  1. Engage Strategic Partners

Many of our clients tell us initially that their relationships with strategic partners are primarily a one-way street. Our professional process is so effective at addressing that because it positions the concept of you meeting with a client of a partner as a service you are providing to the partner rather than a favor you are asking of the partner. Most referral approaches are flawed because they make you look needy. You don’t need to beg for referrals, simply position it properly and demystify the concept by outlining your value proposition so the partner knows how the endorsement will reflect on him or her. They won’t refer clients because they are trying to grow your business. They will refer clients when they feel they are doing them a disservice if they don’t.

  1. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Many coaches provide advice that their clients agree with. But then what? If you are then left to your own devices to implement, you can fall victim to The Law of Diminishing Intent. We don’t say to our clients, “Good luck with the implementation, let us know how it all worked out.” Every tool, template and process is provided in a turnkey format ready for implementation. You can deploy it as is or customize it. And best of all, everything is stored in a personalized Learning Management System – your very own dashboard where you and your team can access and deploy effortlessly.

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